2019 Board Members

3 new board members were elected in December 2018 at Griot’s Garage during the holiday party. They are Felipe De La Torre, Joney Lynne, and Adam Grambo.

Board position appointments were done at the first meeting in January 2019. Your board of directors’ officers for 2019 are as follows:

President: Aaron Payne
Vice President: Dan Davis
Secretary: Adam Grambo
Treasurer: David Thatcher – See March 2019 Update

Board Members at Large:

  • Jerry Yoder
  • Troy Hull
  • Felipe De La Torre – See March 2019 Update
  • Joney Lynne – See March 2019 Update

March 2019 Update:

Due to prior personal commitments, Felipe and Joney are unable to attend regularly scheduled board meetings. The board has accepted their resignations. Aaron Payne has appointed David Thatcher to the Board of Directors and the Board voted to confirm David as the new Treasurer of Corvairs Northwest and will be working with Jim to transition duties to him.